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About Us

So everyone asks, why PillowPOPs?

It all started one in 2016 when Babak was bored, sitting in jury duty, browsing on his phone to kill some time. That's when he saw posts of people showing off temporary tattoos of their dogs. After learning that the tattoos were generic and not actual portraits of their dog, he saw an opportunity to combine his decade long experience as a visual effects artist at Warner Bros and Disney to do custom temporary tattoos via an App.  

After talking to friends and family, he got convinced that the market would too small and that he should focus on a different drawing style and print it on t-shirts and tank-tops. Not wanting to be another online t-shirt shop, one day, the idea of pillows poped in his head, because, well, who doesn't love a good pillow?!

As the business grew, Babak brought in a few of his super talented digital artist friends who added their own unique style, completing their signature POP look you see today.

Over time, LifeGoesPOP got picked up by a few celebrities and the media, and well, the it just quickly grew from there! Thanks for checking us out. Please contact us if you have any questions or comments and follow all the fun on Instagram @lifegoespop


-Babak (@aryaball) and Poolak (@balncd